“Imagination is limitless. Lets film it”

Ive always had an infatuation with Cameras, ever since a young child I wanted to be a photographer, and as I got older, I developed a passion for story telling so the natural progression was to combine them into filmmaking. We are not using tools to tell a story, we are telling a story using tools.

As a creative person I love that each role within film making allows you to be creative in a different way. You can be creative in the way you tell the story as a director, You can create glorious shots as a Camera-Man / DOP and in the editing suite the options are limitless.

Every piece I work on I push myself to make it better than the last, Progression is important to me and I never want to release work that I think is just OK.

I am an adventurer, and through film I get to not only have my own adventures but capture and share in the adventures of others.